Thursday, October 30, 2008

Oink, Oink!!

Ok, so since Lennox and Lane are my 'kids', I have loved dressing them up every year! This year I wanted to do something very light hearted and fun. So what's better than 2 Pit Bulls dressed up as pink pigs!!?!? There is always motive behind my madness, since so many people are scared of Pit Bulls or think they are all vicious....what could be less aggressive than 2 pink pigs!? Happy Halloween!!

Their Best Shot
Liked this one too, but...Lane is showing too much leg
Lennox is just waiting on the treats
Lane say's "Hey Lennox, let me get that for you!"
Hmm, something smells good on this hay, Lane is just always happy
Lennox looks like a nun in this one to me.
Lane's forehead is too big in this one and Lennox is blinking
HAPPY HALLOWEEN, Love Lennox and Lane (the Pink Pigs

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Marge's Pit Bull Fosters

Marge, one of the walkers in my Wednesday Dog Walking group at the Humane Society is fostering 3 Pit Bull puppies that were born at the Humane Society. They are 12 weeks old now, but I went to visit them when they were 10 weeks old at her house. They will be up for adoption in the coming weeks, but again this is my chance to showcase some of the wonderful puppies at the Humane Society. Their mom is a gorgeous blonde Pit Bull named Sugar..not sure who the daddy or daddies could be mixed with anything. To me they kinda look like they have Weimaraner in them.  I took pictures of them back in August too, they have gotten so big now!! Give one a great home!

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Got my carpet cleaned for a good cause..

I met Eric over a year ago the day we adopted Lane. And then 'remet' him when Kelly, Andrea and I ran the Fayette County Animal Rescue 5k. He had on a "Responsible Pit Bull Owner" Tshirt on and Kelly pointed that out. He ended up cleaning Andrea's carpets that week and she was really pleased. So I finally got around to having Eric (Rotoclean) to do my carpet in my house, Persian rugs and my car upholstery! Now my Persian Carpets are probably some of the most expensive 'furnishings' I own, so I was very particular. I wanted to recommend him to everyone in the Memphis area. 25% of the profits from his company, and probably more than that actually, goes to his K9 Savior/Justice for Gage Pet Rescue that he operates out of his house. Eric and his fiance' are the type of people that pick up dogs off the street and take them in their home. The reason we met the day we adopted Lane was that Lane reminded them of their white Pit Bull that was killed in their yard in Cordova. A sweet loving dog that was killed just becasue of his breed. Not only did he do a great job with my carpets, but he is a great person, so I wanted to share the info if you are ever in need of having your carpets done. 

Friday, October 24, 2008


Ok, I had never heard anyone using this word until this year. For some reason its all over the news here in Memphis to describe what I would describe as areas or homes that people do not take care of. Well last week a house that is on the way to my neighborhood had some major blight. There was a group of men taking everything out of this house and throwing it on the front yard. Now, this was a house that for months I had been telling Tony that I have to complain about. I will say for the most part everyone really takes care of their yards and keeps their 'junk' closed away in the 'closed' garages. Well this house had weeds taller than the door and then you couldn't even see the door, the weeds had gotten so high. The family had children and they had tons and tons of toys that covered their driveway and they kept their garage door 'open'. So..back to last week, these men where throwing everything on the lawn. It was CRAZY! After they got done people were crawling around in it and hoarding it for themselves in their cars. This went on for a few days and even at night. People would have flashlights and be milling around in all the disgusting junk! I had to take pictures, it was just embarrassing this was a house very close to mine. The consensus is that these people were foreclosed on, my thoughts are even that they were renters and were evicted. Nonetheless, it was very sad to see all of their property on their front lawn.  It's all cleaned up now and I think I speak for all those on the street and have had to look at this are happy!

Monday, October 20, 2008

Levitt Shell

Tony and I went to see Stonehoney at the Levitt Shell a couple weeks ago. Amy knows the members of the band so we went out to support them. Stoneyhoney was great. I would describe them as country/alternative/rock.  I'm a hip hop girl but with an open mind, so we really enjoyed their show. We had a lot of fun at the historic Shell. The Shell is the site of Elvis's first 'rock-n-roll' show in 1954.  It originally opened in 1936, it has reopened this year for free year round concerts. Its a great historic venue in Memphis. 


Sunday, October 19, 2008

Go Browns! Go Barack!

Senator Obama came over to watch football with us and the cheer on his favorite player. He needs votes in Ohio! VOTE!

Thursday, October 16, 2008

In bed last night

Ok, so I woke up at 4am with a pain in my foot. I get this sometimes when I'm working out a lot. Then I look down and see Lennox and Lane cuddling. I didn't want to run in the living room where my camera was so I grabbed my blackberry and took these! They never do this, usually one is on one side one is on the other side of me. Tony is in Little Rock and hates that the dogs sleep with me bc there is obviously not room for all 4 of us to sleep in the bed together. But I"m the pushover parent and let them sleep with me, but its for protection, ya right, I feel safe with two Pit Bulls in the bed when he's gone. 

Wednesday, October 15, 2008


Just paid $2.71 for gas! the Kroger's around the corner from our house!!

Sunday, October 12, 2008

I stink!!

So, the other night I get out of the shower, do my usual routine, dry off, lotion up, put on my pajamas...Tony looks at me, with a weird look. 
kd:  What, Tony!? 
tb:  Are you putting that lotion on? 
kd:  What lotion? 
tb:  That lotion..pointing at the pink little tub of creme. 
kd:  Ya, why? 
tb:  It stinks, I don't like it he replied.
kd: Huh? 
Bath and Body Works, Cherry Blossom, Body Butter. Tony thinks it stinks and doesn't want me to wear it around him, as I have been the past week. So I guess I've been stinky all week. He then offers to buy me some lotion that he likes and what he wants me to smell like..I guess as long as it isn't Rose scented or White Linen..ewww!! Bath and Body Works is having a huge Columbus Day Sale and tomorrow we are going to get some "Tony Approved" Scents...Happy Early Columbus Day!!

Thursday, October 9, 2008

Addison Turns One!

Putting Addison to work..

Gettin so fresh and so clean...

I don't know about these shoes Mommy..

Doesn't Addison look just like her Aunt Kembree!?!??

Is the hat too much?

Ready to party..

Rockin the pink bow...

I like this stuffed crust!

What am I supposed to do with this?

Whew, that cake thing is over..

We flew into Atlanta last Saturday just in time for my niece Addison's 1st birthday.  it was important to me to be there because I missed my nephew Brayden's 1st birthday because I was in Detroit for the Super Bowl. Tony was playing at the time, so isn't that an okay reason to miss!?..anyway...Brayden and Dad picked us up from the airport and we stopped at the ChickFilA Dwarf House . We had been there one other time and it was kinda cool bc its the original first ChickFilA and they serve burgers! All those fabulous advertisements with the cow saying "Eat more Chickin" and they started serving burgers. I had one. It was ok, I prefer the chicken. I guess I know why they went on with the chicken sandwiches. They are my favorite chicken sandwich, I don't think anyone can beat them. So we make it to the house and its about time for Miss Addison's party. I was in charge of wardrobe. I had to make sure my girl was dressed her best and had Mika go out and get her a pink bow! It was a her first time wearing one! Of course for her birthday, no better time. I got her cute pink dress months ago, but knew it was what she had to wear. Addison had several guests. Her nieces and nephews and several other family friends. Well the party is about to begin and no Kamron, Heather or Mom. They had drove from Knoxville that morning, but since there was a gas shortage, they were driving around looking for gas and waiting in long lines..oh the drama! But they made it shortly after the start of the party and just in time for the yummy pizza! Oh, I was in charge of ordering that and had too much fun picking all the crusts out and different toppings. After food it was time for the cake. Addison went topless for this one. Isn't it cool when you are One and you can just take your shirt off so you don't dirty up your party dress? Well Addison liked her cake at first, but then when everyone kept putting her little hand in the cake she didn't like it too much. Poor thing! It was a busy afternoon I was off and on watching UT lose to Auburn..what a game! Ugh!! least we had the party to distract us. We went outside for a little while and a cute little beagle ran up. She got out of her electric fence so Dad, Brayden, Tony and I walked her up and down the streets trying to find her home, no luck. Dad and Brayden made signs, we posted them, then Mom went down another street and found her owners. That night Mika and Robert were supposed to go see OAR, but all of us were too pooped to go out, so Mika and Robert opted for a movie. The next day we took the dogs on a nice long walk. Poor Maax who is about to be 15 in December, got to ride on the bottom of Brayden's stroller since he couldn't make it the whole way. That afternoon we went over to Bahman and Chrystal's for some Kabob and Rice! Yummy, my favorite! They were delicious! Brayden had fun 'stepping on' Tony and Kamron, he kept saying it over and over.  We also had a blast teaching Brayden to say Barack Obama for President. We were cracking up bc he kept saying it. I don't know if Brayden's Republican Daddy understood what he was saying..but it was totally funny to us!  We hung out and watched football all afternoon including watching the Cowboys lose. We went home after the games and went straight to bed so we could wake up bright and early for our flights..

Monday, October 6, 2008

Lose 8 Feel Great!

Ok, so Tony came home a couple weeks ago and informed me that we joined the Cordova Athletic Club. We had toured it a couple of months ago, but were undecided. But I guess Tony just felt like we needed to join so he did for a year for the both of us. I used to sell memberships at the best club in Knoxville, so all the joining up/orientation stuff brought some memories back. Like the front desk..only one person works behind this desk instead of 2 to 3 of us that did back at FSHFC. We used to have so much fun folding towels and chatting with the members. Well I thought I should see where I was at. I took the fitness evaluation and was shocked. I had gained about six pounds since this summer. I Jazzercise and besides running and doing 5k's that's all I've been doing. Prior to that a group of us were working out a D1, but when our trainers all left, from Tony, to Matt, then Mike, we all quit going.  So I guess stopping that has made me gain some lbs!! So I hope working out here I can lose a few. I actually signed up for their promotion to lose 8 pounds by December 1. This is how it works, I pay $20 and as long as I lose 8 lbs by the deadline (Dec 1) I get my money back, plus anyone else's that didn't complete the program divided by those who finished. So wish me luck! I'm going to keep on Jazzercising and doing classes at the Cordova Athletic Club at night and running when I can. My goal is actually to lose 10 lbs by December 1st, so 5lbs in October and 5lbs in November..Now if I could only learn to eat right!

Friday, October 3, 2008

What a difference a week makes..

Yes, the economy is bad, very bad. Gas Gouging...

We were out of town the past three weekends. September 13th, 20th and 27th weekends.  Lots of stations out of gas in Knoxville September 12-14 weekend. Gas prices down $1.60 the very next weekend in Knoxville. And gas stations out of gas and crazy long lines in Atlanta September 27th and 28th. 

Weigel's in front of Sugarwood September 12th 

Pilot right outside of Knoxville September 14th
(Sorry for the blur, we didnt stop!)

Pilot right outside of Knoxville September 21st.