Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Marge's Pit Bull Fosters

Marge, one of the walkers in my Wednesday Dog Walking group at the Humane Society is fostering 3 Pit Bull puppies that were born at the Humane Society. They are 12 weeks old now, but I went to visit them when they were 10 weeks old at her house. They will be up for adoption in the coming weeks, but again this is my chance to showcase some of the wonderful puppies at the Humane Society. Their mom is a gorgeous blonde Pit Bull named Sugar..not sure who the daddy or daddies could be mixed with anything. To me they kinda look like they have Weimaraner in them.  I took pictures of them back in August too, they have gotten so big now!! Give one a great home!

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natasha-nolan said...

OMG!! They are soooo adorable!! I love the blue eyes!!