Sunday, December 27, 2009

Glued to FantasyCast

Yep, Brindle Invasion (us) are in the Memphis Ballers finals for Fantasy Football. We are playing the Hudmuffins (Katie and Michael) and can't stop staring at FantasyCast on ESPN. Tony and I are both in the kitchen standing at the counter watching our score. We have all players in for the early games now except for Michael Crabtree who was a new addition to our roster this week. We benched my Persian fave TJ Houshmanzadeh in favor of Crabtree and I'm kinda sweating about it. Money on the line that would come in handy for a new King Size bed we are saving up for :)

UPDATE: Halftime of Sunday Night Football and we are only up by 9. They have Miles Austin and Fred Davis with the second half to play and Adrian Peterson 2moro night :( Atleast we made all the correct decisions on our roster that we could, no one on our bench blew up or anything. So we did all we could do...we need Shannon to put a Turf Toe hex on their players!

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