Monday, December 28, 2009

Dolphins in Nashville...

We went to the Titans/Dolphins game in Nashville last weekend and got to catch up with Gibril, Tony's college roommate. We had not seen him in probably a year, it seems like everytime we are in Miami, he's in Atlanta and when we are in Atlanta he's not there. I even ran into Jason Allen, Tony's other roommate when I checked us in the hotel. Good to see old friends. We had a great dinner at Demo's downtown. I had a wonderful steak and pasta combo that they are known for. We were teasing Gibril bc he was so cold on our 4 block walk to the restaurant. Must be nice to be in sunny Miami now :)

We had some good food at the brewery on the way to the game, gosh I was so already stressing about how cold it was going to be.

Well, as I expected we were 3 rows from the very top. I hate that they give the visiting team such lousy seats. I mean we weren't really cheering either way, just when Gibril did good and well that's right we needed them to stop Chris Johnson, which they did for all purposes that we needed for Fantasy Football.

We saw "The Flame" or whatever he calls himself. I like that even though the Titans are a newer team, they have these crazy fans..

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