Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Savior's Christmas

Savior got her own Christmas special this year because of her wonderful heartwarming story. Looks like she has a home to go to thanks to our hero Mario and the help of Kathy and Dr. Shaw. We have another angel (who reads this blog) who has paid for her eye surgery. Savior will lose her left eye due to some trauma before being thrown from the pickup truck. So sad..but she is in pain with that eye hurting and needs it to be removed. She also is on her heartworm meds and hopefully will be completely healthy again. With the help of a few people this dog will have a good home and a new life...what more do you need for a Christmas Miracle?


Kari in WeHo said...

yay I am so glad she was home for the holidays!

Anonymous said...

I'm sooo glad that this baby is getting a second chance at good life. How much we can learn from these dogs who are abused and victimized by horrible people but can still trust to open their hearts when a good person comes along to help them.

kissa-bull said...

aww what a wonderful post
it just made my mommish eyes leak but for all the right reasons this time . . . so extremely happy for savior
the houston pittie pack

Toni said...

I'm so happy she got through her surgery fine. She has a will to live and I know will have a long, happy life ahead of her with people who will cherish her.

Princess said...

Thanks for the update! So happy she has a home and had Mario to stop for her. She's a lucky girl and will surely bring lots of love into this world.