Saturday, December 26, 2009

AX Delta Pi Christmas Dinner at Flight

Wow, what a great restaurant. We all kept wondering why we had not been here before. The food was delicious and the service was outstanding. Flight, in the former Stella location, which I loved, has been open for 7 months. All the drinks and food are served in flights, which are sets of three or in small plates. They also have a few featured specials in 'normal' size portions and you can get your wine or salad 'normal' sized too. Brooke got a 'normal' plate with a steak topped with Stone Crabs, she loved it. I wanted to try things in the 'flight' style and I'm glad I did, but forsure only needed two servings instead of three of the main course, but I couldn't decide on just two. Flight was wonderful, but keep in mind, it is VERY pricey...with tax and tip my meal was in the $60 range.

I had the wedge salad that came with blue cheese dressing. I am not a fan of blue cheese so I got the andouille sausage vinaigrette instead and LOVED it. Look how pretty it is!

I had the chicken with potatoes, the redfish with spaghetti squash and the fillet with mashed potatoes. I loved all three, but really stuffed myself..Next time I will get two and try to split a dessert. The dessert menu looked amazing. Can you tell I liked my meal?

You can't see them here, but I was super excited to debut my first pair of over the knee boots that I had to order online since I couldn't find any in Memphis. Love them too :)

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