Thursday, December 24, 2009

Savior Update at Pet's Choice Vet Clinic

Well here she is. These pictures were taken 5 day after being thrown from a car on the interstate. Her head and eye injuries were the worst to look at. She has puncture wounds all in her pretty little head. She has that great short Pit Bull face, almost catlike to me. She is very skinny and has very long droopy nipples where she must have recently nursed some puppies. She is affectionate, but totally aware of her surroundings, very cautious of the dogs coming and going. Very friendly and loved all the treats we gave her.

Julie and I loved on her for a long while right here in the hallway, it was so cold outside that she wanted to be inside.

She really took to Julie and sat on her lap for a long time.

Kathy came and had Dr. Shaw take some pictures with her in her Santa hat :) Remember, donations are still needed for her me if you want to help.


Princess said...

Aww thanks for visiting her and sharing your pictures!!

Toni said...

I sent my donation! Give her hugs and kisses from us and tell her to stay strong. She has a lot of life ahead of her with people who will love her!

Damie said...

Hey! I just saw this. Email me at so I can get some more info from you!!!