Monday, December 29, 2008

PINK Collegiate on Sale now

Ok, so I am obsessed with PINK by Victoria Secret, ya I'm sure they are not targeting 32 year olds for this line, but I have been waiting for the Collegiate line to go on sale and today I got it all, the hoodies, the tshirts, the sweats, you name it, if it was PINK and UT I got it! The Yoga pants with the fold down back that displays Tennessee on the top of the bootie, my personal fave! 50% off now at Victoria Secret. I met my friend Engin for coffee at Starbucks and ended up at the mall. I love after Christmas shopping! 


Emily said...

thanks for the comment! I love the Pink collection too, ive voted 100+ times for them to add the U of Iowa ! :)

Angelia said...

I love the yoga pants!
This stuff is so cute in pink... to bad I look terrible in pink!

natasha-nolan said...