Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Eight Stop, Central BBQ..

We went to Central BBQ on November 21, 2008.  It is a very popular spot locally and I thought it was older than it actually is..they opened in April 2002. They have two locations, one on Summer Avenue and one on Central Avenue. The Central Avenue location is the original location. The Central location actually had a kitchen fire the night that we dined there and has just opened back up this week. 

Linda's Review: Because my bbq buddies and I misconducted, and I arrived at Central BBQ right after they left. I opted to order my food to go, I was a good decision.  I always like to comment on the eating environment and even though I didn't actually eat there, I was impressed by how bright Central is, especially compared to the smaller barbecue places we've visited. The people behind the counter were busy, efficient, friendly and smiling, also all to the good.  The barbecued chicken which I later ate was moist, flavorful and not all that greasy. Randy recommended the the homemade potato chips and I was glad I did.
They are seasoned nicely, crisp-even reheated-and a great accompaniment to the chicken. I also tried the greens and wasn't disappointed there either. I chose to bring Dale the half-slab of ribs. They were packed in a foil-lined bag, and I wasn't sure they'd reheat well, but they did. Dale was nice enough to share and we both agreed that the ribs were really good. They weren't in the least bit dry, despite the reheating process, and the sauces served with the ribs were delicious. The cole slaw was pretty ordinary, a bit wet, but travelled well the way it was packaged. I rank the food a 4 out of 5, and intend to return to Central with my family. 
Kembree's Review: There was a line out the door at lunchtime and it was a pretty cold day.  We got to the counter 
and tried the 'bbq tour' line and its didn't really work, Courtney got some chips for free and that was it. The chips were
excellent and actually my favorite thing on the menu.
Very crispy and crunchy. I got the sandwich and it was very good, but I would say just average and boring.  Not bad at all, just plain. The most exciting thing was the 'sauce bar'. They had they
 mild, hot, vinegar and mustard sauces all 'pump' style and you could get as much as you wanted. The tea was very good too, and they let you take your plastic cup home as a souvenir. I really see them as a great caterer. Just good basic bbq that everyone would like, just across the board good. I give it a 3.5 out of 5. 

Tony's Review: Kembree again brought me the ribs home. They were pretty average I would give them a 3 out of 5. 

Courtney's Review: I was so rushed when we ate at Central, but from what I remember..I had the pulled pork sandwich and it was really good. The meat had a nice smokey flavor and was very tender. I preferred their slightly sweet mild sauce, but they had several sauces to choose from..mild, hot, mustard and vinegar 
based sauce. For my side I had their 'house-made' bbq chips. The reminded me of Kettle Chips, very thick and crunchy with a mild bbq seasoning..they were good, but I would have liked them to have more bbq flavor.  I would definitely go back but not until its warm enough to sit outside on the deck..it was so crowded and there aren't many indoor tables. 

Randy and Diane's Review: Central bbq was just an average barbecue restaurant. Nothing stood out about the food or the service.  It probably does well for catering big affairs.  We both give it a 3. 

Loren's Review: (Her first time with us, she only ate the beans) Beans, or No Beans. They have very good bbq beans with good juicy plump kidney beans at Central BBQ on Central in Midtown (before the fire!). A little hint of hot, but not too; and that sweet vinegar that 
they use is really nice.  I like the cilantro addition too..I'm not a weeny since I like the beanies...

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