Thursday, December 4, 2008

A Crossville Thanksgiving

So this year it was my idea to do something different for Thanksgiving. We hadn't used our Timeshare week, so I told my dad to fine us something in the mountains, or close by for everyone. The Wyndham Fairfield Glade came up for our last minute plans. I had driven by Crossville on 40 hundreds of times but never really stopped on exit 322.  Crossville or Farfield Glade where we were, ended up being pretty much a retirement community, which was fine bc we weren't doing too much the day before Thanksgiving, the day of and the day after. Mika, Robert and the kids had been there since Sunday, Dad and Mom had came and gone a couple times with Knoxville being about an hour away. We got there Wednesday night and had talked about going out to eat, but there was a 'brand new' Food City (much excitement for the town) was just down the street. So we got our meal 'catered' by Food City. How fancy are we!? Mika made a few of the sides, but Food City took care of the rest.  I am a weird Thanksgiving food person, I don't care for any of the sides, so as long as I have turkey and ham and I am good. And that's exactly what I had, turkey (very juicy by the way), ham, a roll and some corn, not to mention a sliver of pumpkin pie and a bite of the berry pie. We watched lots of football games and went crazy when our fantasy players did well.  It was a lot of fun playing with Brayden who is 4 in 3 months and Addison who is now 14 months. The next day I did a little working out and checked out the craft fair they had set up at the community center. A animal rescue group was set up and mom tried to adopt a cute wire fox terrier mix.  But since Maax is about to turn 14, we thought it wasn't the best idea, a puppy might really irritate him! We actually went to some local wineries that day. The animal rescue group actually recommended the first one we went to. Chestnut Hill was ok..Tony stopped tasting after the first two.  We bought this twizzler like 'vines' that were made from the wine...couldn't bring ourselves to buy a bottle. The next one we went to was Stonehaus. It was a lot nicer and had better wine. They even had a peachy wine that had the checkerboard endzones on the bottle. I got 3 of those and 3 of the Homesteader White. Both under $12 a bottle so we couldn't pass that up. They also had this amazing Wine-a-Rita which would be perfect for drinking by the pool or on the beach. Later that night Tony and I actually went to Big Boy's BBQ. The actually is because as you have read, we are doing a Memphis bbq tour, so why would we want that again!? It was the nicest looking and cleanest looking spot, not to mention several cars in the parking lot, always a good sign.  Tony got the ribs and thought they were too fatty and I got the pulled pork sandwich that was average, the sauce helped it out..but what do you expect we were in Crossville

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Angelia said...

Sounds you had a great holiday! I think I'll tell me family we should use our timeshare for a holiday trip sometime.