Friday, January 22, 2010

Pre Wedding Ariel and Shamus

We went to Cracker Barrel for the rehearsal lunch...the party practiced for a few hours and I met them at the restaurant. We got some time with Tony's nephew Kaleb and Tonya really enjoyed all the whipped creme for her hot chocolates.

Later that night we got to eat some yummy sushi at Ronin, which I was so happy to find near our hotel. The last time we were in Daytona we ate at Aunt Catfish, which was super country. This place was totally trendy and a place we would hang out in Memphis.

After dinner we hosted the party in our room and got in major trouble with our neighbors...ooops! The crazy guy next door came in with his 5 year old daughter in pajamas to tell us they were having to move rooms. Well...go on then! I couldn't believe we had that many people in our room, but it was nice for Tony's family to all get to be together after so many years.

Tikia was celebrating her 30th birthday and made sure to tell me that she doesnt mind what pictures I post and where, bc she doesnt care! :) Love that! Live your life!

The next day as Tony practiced more and got ready for the wedding, I took a long walk on the beach...I saw a lot of sites...

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