Friday, November 7, 2008

My first baby is 5!

Too much has been going on with me traveling so much, then Halloween, then the Election..posts to still come..but I cannot go any further with out posting pics of Lennox's 5th birthday! He was born on October 22, 2003 in Monterrey, TN. And Tony gave him to be as a Valentine's present the week before Valentine's Day. Most of you know the story. Lennox is the most wonderful dog I could ever have and has totally sparked my love for his breed. We had a party for his 4th birthday last year, I was feeling somewhat guilty bc we got Lane in August and Lennox was a little annoyed by his new little brother. Tony had to travel this year, but did give Lennox some bday love. This year I got him a cake  as usual and Lane was his only guest, a very low key event. Lane started acting up once the cake came out. He got the first bite and then had to be escorted to the backyard. Cant have that now! I then let Lennox lick all the peanut butter and carob icing off HIS cake.  The cake lasted for days and I think Lennox had a pretty good birthday this year. He is so laid back and just wants to sit in his spot on the couch or the bed, never the floor! 

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natasha-nolan said...

What a handsome birthday boy :) I love the party hats!!