Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Oscar Red Carpet Dresses I didnt like..

I mean this one wasn't so bad, but kinda Star Trek meets the Middle East for me. I'm sure she coulda found something better..

Faith, you are not representing Nashville in a good way. What's up with the lace print pantyhose!?

Her dress was ok..but I had to put her on here bc her skin looked so bad in HD and I love SJP! Come on...would Carrie let that go? Garnier is not working..

Great color, great cut, awful swirly things on the boobs...why would they put those on there? Extra fabric?

Two words..IRON IT!

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sammy said...

haha you know how people attempt modesty when complimented by saying things like, 'what? this old thing?!'. well queen latifah looks like she took that a little too literal.

also those swirly things are like calling me or something?? its like some acid trip or something