Sunday, March 7, 2010

Bozo's Hot Pit Bar-B-Q is #22

Bozo's Hot Pit Bar-B-Q was our 22nd stop on the tour.
342 Highway 70 East in Mason, TN
We visited Bozo's in September 2009

Courtney's Review: We've been talking about Bozo's since we started the tour and it was well worth the wait. For starters, the service was excellent. Warm friendly staff and the owner couldn't have been nicer. He talked to us for a long time, telling us the story of Bozo's. I ordered the jumbo sandwich and it was
excellent. A great thing about Bozo's is all of the
choices you have with ordering. You can choose
pulled or chopped meat, inside or outside meat, and they have three sauces to choose from. I chose pulled meat with a medium sauce and it was wonderful. I also ordered hushpuppies as my side and they were so good! They were homemaid with the perfect amount
of onion. The chocolate
pie was just time I will skip the dessert and go for more hushpuppies. Definitely worth the drive out to Bozo's.

Regina's Review: worth the trip! The new owner's attempt to keep all the old recipes was a success!

Kembree's Review: We kept hearing about this place and have been working up enough time in everyone schedule to get there. Really from Cordova it didn't take that long. It is off of exit 35 off of Interstate 40 and then from there a little ways down Highway 70. The scenery is gorgeous, even passing a 'Home
of Isaac Hayes' sign on the way, and passing the 'World Famous' Original location of Gus's Fried Chicken. Bozo's has a fun 50's style feel when you walk in the door. We sat down and had a very
friendly, enthusiastic and helpful waitress, as read in other re
views, we don't always get that. The owner even came out and introduced himself, and I was flattering that he recognized me as a local bellydancer. The pulled pork sandwich is what I got and it was great. We got
choices of how we wanted the meat and options of sauces. I liked the medium and even got a bottle to take home. The hushpuppies were my side item of choice and they were little tiny and delicious. I thought a cute old school touch was their candy selection at check out. Bozo's was the best so far and well worth the drive I give it a 5 out of 5.
Brett's Review: Bozo's was one heck of a drive. It took me 35-45 minutes to get there from East Memphis. The bbq was very delicious and I even had some cake for dessert. If it were not for the location, I would definitely go back. I give it a 4 out of 5.

Diane's Review: Bozo
's was my favorite. The sandwich was excellent, I would give it a 4.5. The owner seemed to be gracious and helpful I can't wait for a trip back.

Tony's Review: I didn't get to go when the group did, but since Kembree liked it so much she brought it back to me. The ribs and the pulled pork were great. I really liked them both. The ribs were seasoned well and the sauce was perfect. Its a perfect stop on my way back from Jackson
when I'm there for work. I can't wait to go back and try Bozo's again.

Randy's Review: Drive a little and enjoy a lot. There is a reason that Memphian's have been driving to Bozo's in Mason, TN for many years. Even though the restaurant is under new management, the quality remains the same. Everything considered, Bozo's is a 4+ for me.

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