Friday, April 9, 2010

I'm getting married in 99 days!?!

yep, and that's not the only excuse for my lack of blogging these days. I have been VERY sick this week. I think the whole Vegas Hangover, week of allergies and now the worst week of asthma I have ever had, has totally slowed me down. But I am really inspired to catch everyone up on the wonderful bbq we have been eating and all of the wedding planning I have done so far, plus some of the fun parties and events we have attended. I need to get well, this asthma is making things though for me, I didn't work out for three days and it killed me, so I decided that my lungs won't get any stronger laying in bed and I've worked out the past two days and intend on getting better by the end of the weekend....wish me luck!


The Ritters said...

OMG! That's 3 months! Time flies! Did you ever decide on a place for your luncheon?

Kembree said...

nope, gotta do that...gonna check that place out soon