Monday, April 12, 2010

Brad's in Bartlett is #24 on our Tour

We went to Brad's Bar-B-Q at 2845 Bartlett Blvd. in November 2009.

Tony's Review: I enjoyed Brad's. The service was great and friendly. I liked the sauce and the pulled pork was great. Kinda average tasting sauce and the rest, but I would go back, its in a good location. I give Brad's a 3 out of 5.

Diane's Review: Brad's was another restaurant that didn't leave a lasting impression. The barbeque was fine and I certainly would call it about average. There just wasn't much that was interesting that would make me want to go back. The waitress was very helpful and I would give the sandwich a 2 out of 5.

Randy's Review: Brad's barbeque chicken was excellent. The pork sandwich would rank a 3 out of 5 for me. The wait staff was very friendly. It would be a return trip for me however, but because of a twenty dollar overpayment, I will not return. No one contacted me after I realized we were overcharged after leaving my name and number for them. So good food, bad management.

Regina's Review: Brad's was pretty good. The meat and sauces were very good. The slaw was okay but the beans were
surely from a can and not doctored a bit. I will say that the banana pudding was delicious!

Courtney's Review: Brad's in Bartlett was a pleasant surprise. Our waitress Wendy was very friendly and knowledgeable and told us that they had some 1/2 chickens coming out of the smoker in any minute. I couldn't pass that up and ordered the chicken with a small side of pulled pork so I could taste that too. The chicken was fantastic...moist and tender with
one of the best dry rubs I've tasted so far. The pork was good too, but nothing special. It didn't have the rich smoked flavor that the chicken had. I used Brad's
mild sauce on the pork and I really liked the flavor. It wasn't too sweet and had a hint of pepper. Can't wait to go back to Brad's and get more chicken!

Brett's Review: Brad's was one of my favorites. It looked nice inside and out, which is a good sign the place was clean. The pulled bbq was good and the service was as good too. The owner even had the time to come out and chat with us for awhile. I really enjoyed this place, 4 out of 5.

Kembree's Review: Brad's in the heart of Bartlett was really a surprise to me. I had not heard of it and it was just in the center of town. There was a really cute country feeling to the place and it was clean and welcoming. Our waitress was really nice and recommended the chicken which was hot out of the smoker.
I got that with some pulled pork and wow! That was some of the best chicken in Memphis along with Cozy Corner's Cornish hens. There was a nice rub and seasoning to it. The pulled pork was good too, the sauce was nice, pretty normal, but overall a great experience in a nice part of town. We even got to witness a wedding in the outside gazebo with the drive through bbq going by...I give Brad's a 4 out of 5.

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