Sunday, May 2, 2010

Going on 5 weeks...

5 weeks of trouble with my asthma. It is very frustrating...very very frustrating. I have never had so much trouble with my asthma in my entire life! I started having trouble in high school and was diagnosed with exercise induced asthma. I had an inhaler that I used from time to time, but I haven't needed one that much unless I'm doing heavy running. When I started the Women's Running Program with the Memphis Runners, I got Singulair prescribed to me and it helped with the heavy running we did in the heat on the those Monday nights. Two years ago when I ran the St.Jude Half Marathon, I had to get emergency treatment after finishing, I had to get oxygen. So it has mainly been exercise induced issues for me. But starting this Easter just out of the blue with no exercising, I have had a lot of trouble filling up my lungs all the way. I have tried not working out, staying indoors, and lots of pills. Nothing I can say in really helping. I was on steroid for 10 days, Predisone. Yep, it didn't do much but put 4 lbs on me in one week; Conveniently the week before my bellydancing performance at Mirage in Knoxville. After that I went in for another doctor's visit and another $30 copay. This time I got Levaquin. Yes Levaquin the $25 a pill miracle that did nothing for me in 10 days. I paid $50 for 10 pills and thought my insurance must be lousy, only to find out that it saved me $198!! So in addition to the 2 prescription pills I am on Mucinex-D and Claritin, and still the Singulair. I am also on two inhalers, Provental and Symbicort. I think the Claritin and the Mucinex are really the most helpful, crazy bc they are over the counter and I was already 'self medicating' myself on those.

Being sick like this is tough, it is hindering my working out and making me overall tired! I'm trying to get really toned for the wedding and we only have 78 days! I do feel like I'm getting better, but its just sooooo slowly...5 weeks is just a long time. I even called my doctor and asked if she thought a B12 shot was a good idea. I got one on Thursday and still waiting for that to kick in I guess. I can't slow down, I've had 3 showers since my troubles and have another one on Friday night. I am doing my best to rest...I just want to feel like myself again.


Layla said...

It sounds like allergy induced asthma, which is what I have! Have you been allergy tested? I was taking Allegra during the really high pollen count days. I don't have to use a rescue inhaler any longer, as long as I control the allergies. Remember that you can develop crazy allergies at any point in your life (we always had cats growing up, and I'm suddenly allergic to cats) and this all started right in the middle of high pollen season. I hope you feel better!

Kembree said...

I did get tested in college and I used to get shots, I stopped after college cause it really was too expensive to pay a copay for shots. I'm allergic to a lot, but this has been the worst ever!!

Kim said...

ugh. had no idea you had allergy/asthma issues! terrible! i have really bad allergies! it really is the worst. thought i was doing good until we hit May...always an awful month on me. hope you feel better! i am soooo sorry we weren't able to come in town. looks like i won't be heading to memphis until well after we move. we just have too much on our plates and with two little ones taking up most of our attention we are going to be so lucky to get packed and moved! big hugs! can't wait to finally catch up with you sometime soon.

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ชื่อที่แสดง said...

I did get tested in college and I used to get shots, I stopped after college cause it really was too expensive to pay a copay for shots. I'm allergic to a lot, but this has been the worst ever!!