Thursday, December 31, 2009

Beat the Tigers and the Hokies!!

So we are in Atlanta for NYE, not going to the Peach Bowl, but we are here in all the orange cheering for the Vols today to beat Memphis in basketball and the Virginia Tech in the Chickfila Peach Bowl. We are going to Neisha and Peerless's NYE celebration so we have to miss going to the game, but went to the team hotel last night and hung out with a lot of our friends. Go VOLS x 2 today!!!

Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Savior's Christmas

Savior got her own Christmas special this year because of her wonderful heartwarming story. Looks like she has a home to go to thanks to our hero Mario and the help of Kathy and Dr. Shaw. We have another angel (who reads this blog) who has paid for her eye surgery. Savior will lose her left eye due to some trauma before being thrown from the pickup truck. So sad..but she is in pain with that eye hurting and needs it to be removed. She also is on her heartworm meds and hopefully will be completely healthy again. With the help of a few people this dog will have a good home and a new life...what more do you need for a Christmas Miracle?

Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Monday, December 28, 2009

Dolphins in Nashville...

We went to the Titans/Dolphins game in Nashville last weekend and got to catch up with Gibril, Tony's college roommate. We had not seen him in probably a year, it seems like everytime we are in Miami, he's in Atlanta and when we are in Atlanta he's not there. I even ran into Jason Allen, Tony's other roommate when I checked us in the hotel. Good to see old friends. We had a great dinner at Demo's downtown. I had a wonderful steak and pasta combo that they are known for. We were teasing Gibril bc he was so cold on our 4 block walk to the restaurant. Must be nice to be in sunny Miami now :)

We had some good food at the brewery on the way to the game, gosh I was so already stressing about how cold it was going to be.

Well, as I expected we were 3 rows from the very top. I hate that they give the visiting team such lousy seats. I mean we weren't really cheering either way, just when Gibril did good and well that's right we needed them to stop Chris Johnson, which they did for all purposes that we needed for Fantasy Football.

We saw "The Flame" or whatever he calls himself. I like that even though the Titans are a newer team, they have these crazy fans..

Sunday, December 27, 2009

Glued to FantasyCast

Yep, Brindle Invasion (us) are in the Memphis Ballers finals for Fantasy Football. We are playing the Hudmuffins (Katie and Michael) and can't stop staring at FantasyCast on ESPN. Tony and I are both in the kitchen standing at the counter watching our score. We have all players in for the early games now except for Michael Crabtree who was a new addition to our roster this week. We benched my Persian fave TJ Houshmanzadeh in favor of Crabtree and I'm kinda sweating about it. Money on the line that would come in handy for a new King Size bed we are saving up for :)

UPDATE: Halftime of Sunday Night Football and we are only up by 9. They have Miles Austin and Fred Davis with the second half to play and Adrian Peterson 2moro night :( Atleast we made all the correct decisions on our roster that we could, no one on our bench blew up or anything. So we did all we could do...we need Shannon to put a Turf Toe hex on their players!

Saturday, December 26, 2009

AX Delta Pi Christmas Dinner at Flight

Wow, what a great restaurant. We all kept wondering why we had not been here before. The food was delicious and the service was outstanding. Flight, in the former Stella location, which I loved, has been open for 7 months. All the drinks and food are served in flights, which are sets of three or in small plates. They also have a few featured specials in 'normal' size portions and you can get your wine or salad 'normal' sized too. Brooke got a 'normal' plate with a steak topped with Stone Crabs, she loved it. I wanted to try things in the 'flight' style and I'm glad I did, but forsure only needed two servings instead of three of the main course, but I couldn't decide on just two. Flight was wonderful, but keep in mind, it is VERY pricey...with tax and tip my meal was in the $60 range.

I had the wedge salad that came with blue cheese dressing. I am not a fan of blue cheese so I got the andouille sausage vinaigrette instead and LOVED it. Look how pretty it is!

I had the chicken with potatoes, the redfish with spaghetti squash and the fillet with mashed potatoes. I loved all three, but really stuffed myself..Next time I will get two and try to split a dessert. The dessert menu looked amazing. Can you tell I liked my meal?

You can't see them here, but I was super excited to debut my first pair of over the knee boots that I had to order online since I couldn't find any in Memphis. Love them too :)

Wine Tasting with the Roberson's

We did a fun wine tasting at Regina and Rhea's with the Jazzercise crew. We each brought 2 bottles, one for all of us to taste and another to trade. I really liked all of the wines, and we ended up with Randy and Diane's bottle: Gascon Argentenian Malbec. We can't wait to open it.

We brought the first bottle, Fuego and took home the second bottle.

Dirty Santa Party at the Kinney's

We went to a fun Dirty Santa party at Brenda and Jared's last week. I'm not sure why I don't have a picture with Brenda, but we got to see cute little Grady again. We actually got a GREAT Dirty Santa gift with the Crown Royal gift set :) Tony was very happy...

Greg showing off his 'ugly' sweater

Thursday, December 24, 2009

Savior Update at Pet's Choice Vet Clinic

Well here she is. These pictures were taken 5 day after being thrown from a car on the interstate. Her head and eye injuries were the worst to look at. She has puncture wounds all in her pretty little head. She has that great short Pit Bull face, almost catlike to me. She is very skinny and has very long droopy nipples where she must have recently nursed some puppies. She is affectionate, but totally aware of her surroundings, very cautious of the dogs coming and going. Very friendly and loved all the treats we gave her.

Julie and I loved on her for a long while right here in the hallway, it was so cold outside that she wanted to be inside.

She really took to Julie and sat on her lap for a long time.

Kathy came and had Dr. Shaw take some pictures with her in her Santa hat :) Remember, donations are still needed for her me if you want to help.

Majestic Ugly Christmas Sweaters

We went to Majestic to watch National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation and to try to win the ugly Christmas Sweater contest. Tony wore his Stein Mart plus size Woman shirt from 2 years ago, Brooke wore a nice cow one from middle school, Julie wore a handmedown from her stepmom's mom and I borrowed one last minute from my neighbor Julie. I opted for the traditional dinner with bourbon ham that was so delicious, roasted potatoes, homemade biscuits and they even substituted the green bean casserole for me for their great fries.

The dessert was an amazing strawberry trifle.

Kelly made it in time for dinner in her Walgreen's special. It was a lot of fun to watch the movie on the big screen.

This was the big winner...not any of us, I think Brooke was robbed personally.