Tuesday, September 30, 2008

I've Been Tagged

I was tagged by Laura and Erin. But I'm only doing this once :)

7 random/weird facts about me...

1. I'm having either some obsessive compulsive or Alzheimer's traits lately. Everytime I get in the car, I can't remember if I turned something off or even if I locked the door. I have gone back in the house almost everytime for second guessing myself. It's almost like this weird fear the dogs will get hurt by my hair straightener, or open the door and run around the neighborhood, or worse invite people in the house. 

2. I get really irritated when I send out an evite or email and invite people to do things and they don't respond. People are always complaining they don't have things to do or we don't get together enough, then they don't respond at all. I'm not going to cry if you don't want to come! And on evite it shows every time you have looked at it! Just respond! So annoying!! 

3. I HATE TAN LINES.  I lay out in my backyard in just a thong sometimes. We have a six foot fence in the back yard and in between the fence and the house right behind us is a bunch of green foliage. I pretend those people can't see me. And if they can, I really don't care. It looks so bad going to a wedding or event and a woman is wearing a gorgeous dress and they have huge white halter stripes around their neck. I HATE TAN LINES.

4. I still have every AX party tshirt and every 5k race tshirt in clear plastic containers in my garage. I actually just went through all of them and got rid of (having a garage sale on Saturday) some random tshirts.. like the XL hip hop tshirts that I wore in some phase in college, and the free tshirts that are thrown into the crowd at basketball games. Sorority girls, you know you cant put those shirts in your garage sales or give them to the Salvation Army. Not just anyone can wear those! So they will stay in those containers in my garage until I make a quilt or something. 

5. I love milk. I can drink a 1 gallon jug of skim milk in about a week by myself. 

6. I cant get rid of magazines. I subscribe to Elle, Vibe, Harper's Bazaar, Self, W, Vogue, Traveler, and Playboy. (oooh, that's one within one! Bonus! Yes I subscribe to Playboy. I got an offer in the mail for like $12 for the year and I subscribed. So its in my name not Tony's. I like the articles and the pictures. It's not raunchy at all and its good motivation at times.) Anyway, I don't throw the magazine's away. I have a collection on one of my shelves in my garage. Its getting out of hand and Tony and I argue about it all the time! 

7. I talk to Lennox and Lane like they are people. Well, babies actually. I baby talk them, kiss them on their foreheads, rub their ears. They are my family. When Tony was in Seattle and I was alone a lot, Lennox was my buddy. I couldn't have done it with out him. I don't understand how people can live alone and not have a pet! We don't revolve our lives around them, but they are a major part of it. Tony gave me the best gift almost 5 years ago in Lennox. Now I have such an immense appreciation for their breed and their struggle. I may not have known how wonderful Pit Bulls are unless he didn't surprise me with Lennox

I am going to tag....Brooke, Angelia, Jessica, Ashley, Teshia, Neisha, and Andrea.

Sunday, September 28, 2008

Nick Stephens

Let's give him a shot..

Jonathan Crompton's backup, he completed a 42 yard pass in the UAB game. 

WHY NOT!?!?!?!

Wednesday, September 24, 2008


Just saw him address the UN. I didn't really follow it. I was actually picking out the words I knew in Farsi. Its so strange to be Persian in the United States sometimes..growing up no one (mostly) never even knew what "Persian" was. I would always be asked, and sometimes still now..Now where is Persia? But now that Iran is one of the most hated countries of the United States, not to mention the Ahmadinejad saying stuff to piss everyone off. I'm very proud of where my dad was born, and not to mention what he and his family have accomplished. I just hate always hearing negative things about Iran....

Update: He's about to answer questions from reporters...Last year during this exchange he claimed there are no gay people in Iran...Ugh...I can't wait to hear what he's gonna say now..

Update: Too boring to pay attention too..really

Larry King Live
Kinda the same ol same ol questions..Larry asked him if he wanted to meet Sarah Palin. I mean who the heck overseas gives a crap about her!? Larry kept saying you have a lot in common, you were both mayors. Ok, he was really reaching there.  Larry also asked him where he would want to travel in the US if he could, he said Los Angeles. I guess he wants to tour the star's homes or something. Larry was kissing his butt at the end saying, you look too young to have two children that are married..??..

Ok, so maybe not so newsworthy or even Persian Pit Bull blog worthy...

SATC Movie Review by Tony...

So last night after starting to watch Dancing with the Stars, Tony decides we should watch SATC movie that I just bought. He didn't get to see it when all the girls and I went opening weekend.  I thought you might enjoy some of his comments..

"That Samantha is looking Hella old now"

When they were at Vogue, "I didn't know Martha Stewart was in this." Carrie's Vogue editor, played by Candice Bergin.

Jennifer Hudson, "Couldn't she have gotten a better role, didn't she win an Oscar?"
I had to explain besides the 4 ladies there really weren't that many parts to go around! Hello! 

spoiler alert!!
During the New Year's Eve scene, mushy scene, "I know what's going to happen..She's gonna get back with Big, Miranda will get back with Steve and Samantha will break up with her dude". Tony then decides he will watch the rest later..I guess it got too emotional, serious and girly for him!

I LOVED it the second time around..you all MUST go buy it and watch it again just for the FASHION!

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

I got it!...

 $13.99 at Circuit City...


Just saw on the CNN ticker...there are 99 days left in 2008. Where did it go? Just thought it was a reason to post a picture of me and my boy Lennox!

Sunday, September 21, 2008

2 Brunches..One Sunday morning..

So Sunday after all the Football Letterman stuff we went to Copper Cellar West for brunch. Now, all the Fort Sander's girls planned on giving Beth a shower at 12:30 and Stacey, Jenny, and Mary Ann wanted to meet for brunch at 10:30, so I did brunch twice that day. Same spot, so I just grazed continuously.

First brunch, met Eric, Jenny and Maddie and Stacey and Mike.Mary Ann couldn't come, I think its actually been years since I've even seen her!  Had fun catching up with my FHS girls. Heck, these are my Cedar Bluff girls! I've known them since kindergarten!  It was so good to see Maddie. She's grown up so much. She is three now and I really want her to meet Brayden, they would make such a cute couple!  She was entertainment for the morning. She totally has Jenny's charm and that camera ready smile! It was good to catch up with Jenny and Stacey, we are all spread out along the state of Tennessee. The food was good, but watch out for the OJ! They charge you $3.00 for every single glass you have. It was really good and I was wondering why our waitress was so great and attentive..I got 4 glasses. Yes $12.00 worth of 'fresh squeezed' orange juice. 

Maddie with her mommy's smile and us girls! 

After the first 'couples' brunch, the second brunch switched to a Shower for Beth and the arrival of Gus! He will be here in November. The Fort Sanders girls all got together for a great afternoon. And yes, I did eat more at that brunch too! We got to meet Evan (3 months old) and McKalie (7 months old). Since I had eaten most of my brunch already I got to hold McKalie most of the time, she is such a good girl and a lot of fun. Alane and I were doing good entertaining her, we are great Aunts. Beth got lots of adorable things for Gus too. Well until our next get together..someone get engaged or pregnant :) 

Evan and McKalie..I totally see them dating in the future..

Rebecca made Beth this adorable Cowboy Theme Diaper Cake, and here's all
the girls!! 

Friday, September 19, 2008

UT Letterman's Football Reunion Part 2

UT vs. UAB September 13, 2008

So after getting home, walking Lennox and Lane, then waking up and walking Lennox and Lane, we headed up to campus for tailgating behind the Neyland-Thompson Sports complex. Buddy's BBQ catered it, and as I am doing my Memphis BBQ tour, I will have to say it was pretty good BBQ. Buddy's is sooo Knoxville, it had been a long time since I had it last. We saw Tee Martin, Karlton Neal and Jekia. We waited on Mikki, but he didn't make it and we had to hurry. After the tailgate, we rushed to the stadium in time for kickoff..Whew! It was a very hot, hot, hot game! Dad and Kamron sat in X4, we sat in Z somewhere..great seats, but it was so dang hot! The Vols looked pretty good this week, not extraordinary, but pretty good. The halftime show was great. They brought all the football letterman on the field from the 40's, 50's, 60's, 70's, 80's, 90's and 00's. Tony's class of 00 guys was pretty small. I loved seeing the 80's and 90's guys because that's when I was really watching UT football. 

Football Letterman of the 1980's

Football Letterman of the 90's

Football Letterman of 2000 and beyond..
(Tony's class!)

We stayed until the end, it was so hot that I got a little sunburn, which was nice bc I need some color, as Neisha said "She's never seen me that pale" :) I just got a little unlucky this summer with our 2 beach trips getting pretty much rained out. After the game we hit up a couple tailgates then made it on our way home. That night we met with with the FHS crew and UT guys at Smokey Mountain Brewery in Turkey Creek. They boast 38 flatscreens and it is a great spot to watch a game! 

UT Letterman's Football Reunion Part 1

We had such a good weekend last weekend at the UT football home opener. We had so much fun that we are driving back up this evening for the UT/FL Game. We drove up last Friday after Tony's meeting rushing to make it in time for the Football Letterman's Reunion at the Foundry. Tony and I got to invite two guests so we brought Kamron and my Dad. They had a lot of fun too bc Dad lived in Neyland stadium when he was a student, back when they had student dorms there(can you imagine students living there now!?!?) and Kamron also a UT grad grew up on UT football as I did. There were players and coaches there from the 40's to the most current guys who weren't playing in the NFL. Kamron and I even got our picture taken with Johnny Majors. Just a few of the guys we caught up with..Condredge Holloway, Terrence Cleveland, Tony Thompson, Anthony Hancock, Jason Swain, Mark Ingram, I could go on and on....Tony and I kept talking and talking and we didn't even get to eat! So Peerless, Neisha, Jekia, Mikki, Tony and I went to Bravo for a late dinner. It was good Italian, we just all needed our rest to get up bright and early for a 12:30 kickoff, not to mention all the tailgating beforehand. 

Thursday, September 18, 2008


Whew! This past weekend wore me out. I hope to get our pictures from the UT/UAB game up soon. Announcement!!- Lennox and Lane made the Humane Society calendar!! Thank you so much to everyone that voted! I think they came in 8th place, but I will find out officially when they tabulate all the voting. The picture of them together won. I need to just submit one next 
year instead of confusing everyone with which one to vote for. I'm just so happy they got in. 

Monday, I attended my second ACT meeting (Animal Cruelty Taskforce). It was wonderful to be with a group of people that truly care about animals in our city. We are really working hard to get some of the laws changed. I will say that I was somewhat discouraged when the two men that set Hope on fire got off last week with no charges against them. At least the men did jail time, but who am I kidding, they aren't men, they are boys, who obviously have major issues considering they could hold down a puppy and set the poor thing on fire. Vincent Boykin and Tristan Hataway are on the streets, keep an eye out for them, it might not be an animal next, it could be a child..There are so many issues to tackle but next on our agenda we are working to get our next task accomplished which is getting road side sales of puppies banned. One thing at a time. I also got to meet a couple that does Pit Bull rescue. They have 17 Pit Bulls in their house that they have rescued off the road and have been abandoned. They do this all on their own, I really want to help them with a fundraiser. This will be one of my upcoming projects. Also, today I found out that two of my good friends entered the world of blogging and I have added them to my blog list..Ashley and Teshia. I'm looking forward to keeping up with them. Lastly, saying goodbye to Lane's hand-me-down dog bed has bitten the dust literally..thanks to Lane himself, he will no longer have a dog bed in his crate..just old towels. Thanks Lane..

Thursday, September 11, 2008

Last Chance...

Lane's adorable face on our way home from Knoxville and a UT game last fall, Lane's nose still hadnt filled in yet all black. #175

Brotherly Love, Lane was still young here and Lennox welcomed him,
how cute is it the Lane has his arm around Lennox.. #174

Lennox's gorgeous Pit Bull Smile, he kinda looks vampiresque, no? # 176

This is your last chance to donate to a wonderful organization, HSMSC, and get my boys Lennox and Lane in the 2009 calendar. VOTE! You all know how much my boys mean to me and how important an image of a sweet Pit Bull in an calendar on someone's wall would be. VOTE!  I had a man tell me yesterday in an email how all Pit Bulls are mean and evil and 'made' for fighting and aggresion.  VOTE! This is a man that is a member of an Anti-Animal Cruelty website. VOTE! All he knows of Pit Bulls is the negative images he sees on TV and his neighbors. VOTE! So there is more to the cause of getting my boys on the calendar. VOTE!

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

It WAS my Bday Part Two (Ladies Night)

I love having a birthday party every year with just the 
and Randy and Engin of course! This year I had my party
at Mollie Fontaine Lounge. It is a fabulous old mansion
in the Victorian Village. Look how many wonderful girls
came out to celebrate with me this year!! How cute is

Julie made me a fabulous cake. Her company is Cake 
Couture. Be looking for her blog soon. I had all my groups
of friends there from Jazzercise to Alpha Chi, to Humane
Society etc, etc. 

The night was still young after Mollie's so Andrea's 
suggestion was to hit up our favorite late night spot, 
Caspian. Two nights in a row there for me! The night
ended with me driving Winter's truck home....

It WAS my Bday Part One

It was my 32nd Birthday and Tony took me to Marciano's. I have really been wanting to try it out.  The owner used to own Marena's in Overton Park and I bellydanced there twice, the food was great there, so I knew it would be at his new spot. We had a great dinner, both of us got fish. Weird thing was we were the only people in the restaurant. Don't know why, its a gorgeous new buliding in Brookhaven Circle. After dinner we drove around the circle and ended up at Caspian. I told myself, no drinks at Caspian bc tomorrow I am going out with the girls and I want to be 'in good shape'.  Well as soon as I walk in the door they start handing my drinks to 'try'. Ya, 'try' bc I have never had any alcohol ever. I tried everything from some chocolate banana shooter, to a cosmo (ya, don't know what those taste like) to a blue drink of some sort. We had a lot of fun, Caspian is a great late night spot. So different from anything else in Memphis. I had a wonderful 32nd Birthday...to be cont...

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Puppies Everywhere!!

These are all Pit Bull puppies that were born at the Humane Society about 4 weeks ago. I got to play with them on my birthday and it made my day!! There are 10 of them and they are gorgeous!

Puppies!!! Who doesnt love puppies!?!? All of these babies are at the Memphis Humane Society and they need homes!! How cute are all of these..all shapes, sizes, colors, whatever you like. Something for everyone...I just wanted to share some of these cuties with everyone. How fun is it that I get to volunteer and play with these little guys!? Dogs like these are in your local town too..Rescue!!